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Cool Browse Options
User Defined Access Customization
Example use of Speed Access:
a) Fill in text box 1 with:
    Fill in text box 2 with:,
b) To load sites in all speed access boxes:
        clear URLs/Keywords box ,
        then press Enter key or click on "Cool Browse".
    To load sites in speed access box 1 and 8:
        fill URLs/Keywords box with: 1 8
        then press Enter key or click on "Cool Browse".
c) Don't forget to sign in to save or restore your settings
        for use across sessions and computers.
Super Search Options
Search Engine Customization
(?g  keywords)General Search

(?g1 keywords)    Google Search
(?g2 keywords)    Microsoft Bing Search
(?g3 keywords)    Yahoo! Search
(?g4 keywords) Search
(?g5 keywords)    AOL Search
(?g6 keywords)    百度搜索
(?g7 keywords)    WolframAlpha Search
(?k  keywords)Knowledge Base

(?k1 keywords)    Wikipedia
(?k2 keywords)
(?k3 keywords)    HowStuffWorks
(?h  keywords)Health

(?h1 keywords)    WebMD
(?h2 keywords)
(?h3 keywords)    SPARKPEOPLE
(?c  keywords)Comparison Shopping

(?c1 keywords)    BizRate
(?c2 keywords)
(?c3 keywords)    NexTag
(?r  keywords)Reviews, Product & Service

(?r1 keywords)
(?r2 keywords)
(?r3 keywords)    viewpoints
(?f  keywords)Fashion & Beauty

(?f1 keywords)
(?f2 keywords)    YOOX
(?f3 keywords)    SEPHORA
(?b  keywords)Bargins & Deals

(?b1 keywords)    Bargainist
(?b2 keywords)
(?b3 keywords)    Dealnews
(?a  zipcode)Apartments & Houses

(?a1 zipcode)    Move
(?a2 zipcode)
(?a3 zipcode)    Trulia
(?l  zipcode)Local Classifieds

(?l1 zipcode)    Craigslist
(?l2 zipcode)    Oodle
(?l3 zipcode)    eDirection
(?t  keywords)Travel

(?t1 keywords)    ORBITZ
(?t2 keywords)    Expedia
(?t3 keywords)    TripAdvisor
(?j  keywords)Jobs

(?j1 keywords)    Indeed
(?j2 keywords)
(?j3 keywords)    Hotjobs
(?s  symbol)Stock Checkup

(?s1 symbol)    Quote & Chart, Realtime
(?s2 symbol)    Stock News
(?s3 symbol)    Key Statistics
(?p  keywords)Patent Search

(?p1 keywords)    USPTO Patent Search
(?p2 keywords)    Google Patent Search
(?p1 keywords)    FreePatentsOnline
(?d  word)Dictionary Lookup

(?d1 word)    Ninjawords, Fast Lookup
(?d2 word)    Merriam-Webster
(?d3 word)    TheFreeDictionary
(?w  domainNames)Website Informaton

(?w1 domainNames)    Alexa Site Info
(?w2 domainNames)    Serversiders Site Info
(?w3 domainNames)    Cubestat Site Info
(?w4 domainNames)    WhoLinksToMe Link Info
(?w5 domainNames)    Robtex Blacklist Info
(?w6 domainNames) Domain Name Info
(?w7 domainNames) Site Traffic Info
(?w8 domainNames)    Google Site Info
(?u  keywords)User Defined Searches

(?u1 keywords)
(?u2 keywords)
(?u3 keywords)
Instruction for adding a user defined search engine:
1) Go the desired search site, search with keyword:
2) In the search result page, copy the URL
3) In this form, scroll to bottom of "Select Search Engines"
4) Paste the URL into the desired text box. Make sure it's
5) Don't forget to sign in to save or restore your settings
     for use across sessions and computers.
Bookmark a Web Page
My Bookmarks
Bookmark Update Help

 Steps to update online bookmarks with local bookmarks:

  1. Export local bookmarks from desired browser into a file by following the browser specific instructions below.
  2. In “My Bookmarks” of, browse to locate the saved bookmark file, and then click on “Update My Bookmarks”
  3. Wait for a few seconds, your online bookmarks will be updated with the uploaded bookmark file.

 Steps to export local bookmarks to a file:

  • On Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on “File” menu (if you don’t see “File” menu, click on “Tools” and select “Menu Bar” for “File” menu to appear, then click on “File” menu).
    2. Select “Import and Export...” in “File” menu
    3. Click on “Next”
    4. Select “Export Favorites” and click on “Next” button
    5. Select folder “Favorites” and click on “Next” button
    6. Save “bookmark.htm” into desired folder/directory
    7. Click on “Finish”

  • On Firefox 3.0:
    1. Click on “Bookmarks”
    2. Click on “Organize Bookmarks...”
    3. Click on “Import and Backup”
    4. Click on “Export HTML”
    5. Save “bookmarks.html” into desired folder/directory

  • On Firefox 2.0 or 1.5:
    1. Click on “Bookmarks”
    2. Click on “Organize Bookmarks...”
    3. Click on “File” in Bookmark Manager window
    4. Click on “Export...”
    5. Save “bookmarks.html” into desired folder/directory

  • On Safari:
    1. Click on “File”
    2. Click on “Export Bookmarks...”
    3. Save “Safari Bookmarks.html” into desired folder/directory

  • On Opera:
    1. Click on “File”
    2. Click on “Import and export”
    3. Click on “Export Opera bookmarks...”
    4. Save “opera6.adr” into desired folder/directory

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